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    Gift like a Pro this Holiday Season and your appreciation will be felt from the Break room to the Board room.

    Corporate gift giving is a valuable way to nurture business relationships and distinguish your brand during the holiday season. Try thanking customers at Thanksgiving - sending an earlier gift will help you be first and be remembered! Is your contact or prospect on the Executive level? Plan to have a unique gift delivered directly to the C-Suite to ensure that it reaches the right audience. By aligning seasonal gift ideas with your company’s promotions strategy you can reap the “Return On Your Gift” needed for a prosperous New Year’s!

    Here are some simple ways to help your brand stand out and be remembered this holiday season.


    When targeting a group, or an entire Department, consider giving items like Gift Towers or Baskets. Designed to be shared and experienced by many people, these multi-piece gifts bring your brand countless impressions while being enjoyed.


    The competition for a Decision Maker’s time is fierce, so be sure that your gift is worthy of their attention. Make a bigger splash with a high quality item like a custom engraved champagne set for their New Year’s party, or a classy olive oil and vinegar pairing.


    Be disruptive in the best way possible. Give something out of the ordinary and your effort won’t be forgotten. Creative gift ideas like the “Ice cream party” involve the entire team and deliver an experience, not simply an item.

    How it works - The recipient receives the branded, aluminum alloy ice cream scoop, then follows the instructions on the included Redemption Card to visit the Redemption website and select the types of ice cream they want delivered. Their chosen ice cream arrives in no time, a party scheduled, and merriment had by all.

    See a holiday gift that you like, or want to discuss other corporate gift giving strategies?