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    Hi there! Below is a demonstration of some of our recent solutions.

    We say “demonstration” because it’s not just a gallery of products. Each case study below is an example of how Brand Stratos will work with you to solve your specific problem and meet your specific needs.

    We say “solutions” because whatever you need—branded promotional merchandise, signage or apparel—is meant to solve a problem and help your brand achieve lift.

    To do that, Brand Stratos first wants to get to know you.

    Our team is comprised of real marketing professionals—not just headset-wielding salespeople—whose job it is to hear you out, take notes, ask questions, and make informed suggestions.

    We can get really creative when called for, as you’ll see below. Or we can dial it back. Because that’s the Brand Stratos advantage: a personal touch.

    By the way, you look great today.


    With a love for Gig Harbor, high-end materials, and the help of local artists, these illustrated designs are just what was needed to elevate Kimball's brand.

    Check out the Case Study >>


    Quirky illustrations elevate Watson's as a local lifestyle brand. Nothing screams Northwest gardening the way these customized products do.

    Check out the Case Study >>


    We had so much fun working on this. One of our staff illustrators drew the farm where the dream started, adding a home-grown touch to the Gruener brand.

    Check out the Case Study >>


    We gave this Puyallup based coffee company a full merchandise overhaul that included the trendy glass can for their many on-tap options, custom t shirts and headwear.

    Check out the Case Study >>


    One of our all-time favorites, “The Festive Flyer” is a custom-made stuffed animal of a flying reindeer that we recommended for an in-store, holiday scavenger hunt prize.

    Check out the Case Study >>


    We designed high-end laser engraved cigar holders and paired them with quality cigars as gifts for this finance company’s invite only event.

    Check out the Case Study >>


    Promotional drink koozies made a great giveaway, with space for co branding of local radio programs and event sponsors. The insulated wine mug was the perfect match for this local radio program’s branding.


    Local motorsports dealership underwent a full overhaul of branded merchandise. From rugged water bottles to quality outerwear, we had just the items to recommend for their employees and customers alike.


    The local timber, land and forest products company stays dry and hydrated with water repellent, waxed cotton dad hats and thermal insulated water bottles with custom graphics displaying their connection to our region’s bountiful outdoors.


    Showcasing one of Tacoma’s favorite coffee roasters with custom screen printed t shirts and the versatile Rocca mug.


    The classic 5 panel trucker hat and ceramic camper style mug made the perfect pair of items to represent the local, mountain themed craft beer taproom, bottle shop and tavern. Custom topo-map graphics exude the mountaineering spirit.


    With employee, member, and event gifts galore, this regional credit union needed a variety of vibrant promo options to meet their needs at a moment’s notice. Brightly colored notepads, pens and mugs were perfect for internal use, and the color combo bag, with customizable thread color was one eye catching giveaway that is sure to be seen all over town!