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    For more than forty years Watson’s has been a South Sound institution. As a greenhouse and nursery, it used to focus solely on plants. After considerable growth and a rebrand, Watson’s now prides itself on being a destination. It inspires a passion for living with products to enhance home, garden, and life.


    Watson’s had always sold other brands’ merchandise, and had dabbled in selling its own branded products. But these never amounted to much more than sticking a logo on some basic apparel. As Watson’s grew in name recognition, the size of its captive audience grew. The products it offered were no longer living up to the upmarket channel it had begun to occupy.


    We identified a huge opportunity for a second source of revenue for Watson’s in the form of high end custom branded merchandise. We designed a whole line of products that speaks to their brand and values. We wanted to represent not just the imagery of home and garden, but the delight and whimsy of Watson’s “for living” brand.


    Our in-house illustrator created a series of fun, hand-drawn designs that unify myriad home and garden icons. We designed the apparel to be worn art pieces, with an understated woven brand label stitched into the hem of the shirts, hats, and beanies. We used the higher quality of product that Watson’s savvy customers demand. And as a result Watson’s now enjoys higher margins with its newfound revenue stream.