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    Gruener Farms is a local family farm specializing in delivering scratch-made baked goods and organic eggs. Their motto is “feed the people, love the people,” and this love and drive is evident in everything they do.


    It starts with a conversation.

    When she saw the hats we’d made for another client, Katie Gruener asked to meet with us and look at similar merch that she could personalize to sell at events, give as gift to loyal clients, and offer as giveaways on social media. Inspired by the range of products we offer and the ways she might use them, she asked if we could create something special for her farm that reflects her company’s brand and values.


    One of our in-house designer-illustrators happened to sketch an image of the Gruener family farm and showed it to Katie. It was perfect! Rustic yet stylized, it spoke to her sensibilities and the feeling she wanted to convey. With the farm illustration in mind, Katie was motivated to expand the variety of products she offered.

    For products, we suggested mason jars, camper-style mugs, and a natural fiber tote bag.


    Gruener Farms has an active following on Instagram and Facebook, where clients are always posting images of their favorite Gruener Farms merch. Needless to say, this only increases the brand’s exposure, and reinforces its image as a fun, community-minded feeder of the people!

    Facebook review - Denise Whitney: "I am very picky about the mug I drink my morning latte in! I LOVE MY NEW GRUENER FARMS MUG!! Katie’s the best! Love all her baked goods too! Especially the chocolate chip cookies!"