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    Fueled by passion and pride for their hometown—and maybe a little caffeine—Kimball Coffeehouse has been a local institution in Gig Harbor, Washington for more than thirty years. They carry local products and showcase local artists, taking every opportunity to celebrate the community they serve.


    Kimball Coffeehouse wanted more than some run-of-the-mill t-shirts with their logo slapped on it. The owners pride themselves on quality and attention to detail. To elevate their brand and create the feel of a destination worth remembering, Kimball asked us to help them design some customized merchandise. No matter what, it needed to celebrate Gig Harbor!


    We invited Kimball to individually try out and select higher end apparel and drinkware. Then our in-house illustrator customized each item with a riff on their classic “K” logo. We showcased local flavor with images of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and fun hand-drawn wave patterns.


    The client was thrilled and, more importantly, the customers were thrilled. Kimball Coffeehouse created a merch wall to show off their new wares, and customers have taken to showing off their hats, shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs on social media. They’ve proven so popular, Kimball has to keep reordering to meet demand!

    "Working with Brand Stratos is nothing less than a breath of fresh air. They showed genuine interest in who we are as a company, and found a creative and artistic approach to developing our products and merchandise with our story in mind. They are fun and easy to work with, excellent communicators, and aren't afraid to think outside the box." - Stacey Dullum, Kimball Coffeehouse