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    Anthem coffee is a Puyallup-based coffee company that fosters a community spirit. With eight locations and growing, they’re spreading their mission of heroic hospitality one cup at a time.


    Previous suppliers offered uninspired merchandise recommendations. Anthem wasn’t getting advice on how to make their branded products stand out. They thought they could do better, but weren’t sure how. The supplier relationships themselves were very transactional and out of step with Anthem’s core identity.

    Anthem’s problem wasn’t only about products and display; it was also about relationships. After filling an initial order, Brand Stratos requested a no-obligation follow-up meeting to get to know the people behind Anthem and discuss their goals. Together we decided to improve Anthem’s merchandise and displays by giving their retail space a fresh up-to-date look and a consistent stock of custom curated items.


    Given the reasonable scale of their retail spaces, we opted to give Anthem a complete merchandise program overhaul.

    We redesigned displays and created planograms to help employees understand the product placement. We conducted persona meetings with managers from each store to better understand the clientele at each location. We designed and supplied a complement of custom merchandise for the holiday season. We monitored sales through the holidays and assisted with restocking logistics.


    Sales of merchandise jumped 50 percent in the first month, and is holding steady. Customers are sharing photos of their new Anthem gear on social media, along with their own personal anthems. Our program has generated a new sustainable revenue stream for Anthem, and because of our relationship, we’re able to design and stock new merch on a seasonal or limited-run basis.