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    We appreciate your business and want to make your transaction effortless. To streamline our payment process, we’ve compiled our payment terms for you to read. Please note that payment methods are subject to change and we will reflect any changes on this page as well as in the Terms and Conditions. Currently the following payment methods are accepted:




    Below are the payment terms for orders placed with Brand Stratos, LLC. (dba) Brand Stratos. Please read them before placing your order to eliminate any issues related to the payment process.

    All prices and dollar amounts on this website are in United States dollars. Brand Stratos presently accepts the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We reserve the right to stop accepting credit cards from one or more issuers.

    In order for you to register with and order products and services from Brand Stratos it is not necessary for you to provide and keep on file a valid, authentic and current credit card, which you are authorized to use. By submitting a credit card number to Brand Stratos you are representing and warranting that the credit card information you provide is valid, authentic, current, and one that you are authorized to use it. You agree that in the event the credit card information you have provided becomes invalid, out of date or that you are no longer authorized to use the card, you will immediately provide another credit card number that is valid, authentic and current, and which you are authorized to use. Some electronic transactions may require extended processing in addition to credit card authorization. You will be notified by an Brand Stratos customer service representative if extended processing is required to complete your transaction request through our Website. This may affect your estimated delivery date.

    Unless Brand Stratos agrees otherwise, all product and service orders must be paid for at the time of the order and accompanied by an authorization to charge a valid, authentic and current credit card, which you are authorized to use, that you provide at the time of the order. If a charge against a credit card you provide is not authorized or accepted or is subsequently refused or rejected, we reserve the right to cancel your order without notice or liability.

    Thank you very much for your patronage. As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call. We’d love to talk to you!