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A guide to color processes

As printers, color is a big deal to us. Often times, we find ourselves trying to explain what different color systems are, how they are used, and why one color might look different from screen to print.

This post is your one stop guide to understanding color modes and how they make a difference in print & design projects.

Pantone Matching System

PMS or Pantone colors are the most precise measurement of color because they are made from pre-mixed ink, ensuring the most accurate print possible.

“The Pantone colour guides have been widely adopted and...

A look inside the design process

Design is a means to solve a problem and achieve a business objective. No matter how big or small the design project is, there is always an end goal that is trying to be achieved. Once it is established that there is a need for a new or updated design, the process can begin.

the basic process

ONE- communicate needs & goals
Perhaps the most important step in the course of the project is the first one: Supply the designer with as much information as possible. Here are some common starting places.

Fantastic New Smartphone Wallet Makes Perfect Giveaway

The Smartphone Wallet is an excellent way for customers and colleagues to display your logo or graphic on the most visible device they carry: their smartphone.

With a larger imprint area than most pens, bottle openers, and USB drives the Smartphone Wallet is great for building brand awareness and for its utility and style.

Slim Down & Keep Essentials in One Place

Do away with bulky wallets and burdensome purses.

The Smartphone Wallet is slim, compact, and fits in the palm of your hand.

It conveniently holds business cards, credit cards, and cash while protecting your phone with soft silicone.


Product Highlight: Square Business Cards

You should feel confident showing off and handing out your business card to anyone who might need your product or service. Receiving a positive reaction about the effect your business card...

Inside EP: Studio Update

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been in the heart of downtown Tacoma, off of 9th& Broadway, for five epic months now...

The Endless Prints storefront is now open!

Endless Prints is expanding! We now have an awesome storefront in the heart of downtown Tacoma, located one block from the Tully’s on Broadway. In the store, we have physical examples of nearly all the products we offer so you can see the variety of special styles and textures that we can create. Our storefront is also the best way for you to come in to discuss custom artwork or services, such as web sites and digital marketing. We have lots of great brainstorming materials and white boards for us to use...

Welcome to Endless Prints!

Welcome to the Endless Prints website. Here you'll find all the products and services we currently offer. Please, have a look around and don't hesitate to drop us a line if you need anything!