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Advice on Getting the Most from Your Designer


Truth is, we're more alike than you think. We face similar challenges, deadlines, rising costs, and frustrations. But you also probably have a hard time deciding on the best and most affordable way to make your business competitive.

So you hire a graphic designer. Someone who'll move you closer to your goal of greater brand awareness and customer loyalty.

But hiring a designer is only part of the process. Creative energy is held together best by boundaries and a strong sense of direction. Which is why giving direction during the creative process ensures your partnership starts off on the right foot.

Below are three important traits designers hope to find in each client they work with in various degrees. They ensure that costs remain fair, expectations remain realistic, and the creative process remains streamlined. In that way, you receive your project on time, on target, and on budget.


Decide on Possible Design Concepts Before You Meet

Graphic designers crave order. That's why all the programs they use revolve around putting everything into boxes. The more prepared you are, the faster the turnaround time and the easier it is to recreate what you want.

Share the ideas you're exploring. Provide the logos, photos, images, graphics, and files which help move the project along and indicate how conservative or liberal you're willing to be. Then...


Give Insight and Supply Direction

This is a great time to provide key insights about your market, industry trends, unique angles you'd like to pursue, or even clever statements which convey the tone you want to use.

Your strategy doesn't need to be complex. Just think of a couple ways to approach your project.

Design is a service that's expected to produce a certain result; which in this case, is a favorable response toward your marketing effort. Help move the process along with effective collaboration.


Budget for Design Work

Good design costs. That's why it’s so important to have a budget for it.

But separate budgets are uncommon for most small business owners. In fact, most small business owners have only one budget. And it’s called the “Everything Fund”. Everything goes in and everything comes out. From payroll to equipment purchases, interest expense to marketing and advertising costs.

Although this works, it puts you in the mindset of a bargain shopper. Which, when it comes to your design work, is not a good thing. Decisions about design work should be quality control decisions based on quality and price.

Why? Because good design is based on sound principles, not simply current trends. It works for years and may only require minor tweaks to stay updated. The result is success that comes with less effort – and money than you thought possible.

In closing, mastering the skills it takes to deal with every person, group, or occasion opens new doors. But finding the balance between working together, knowing what you want, and carving out a reasonable budget for your design are the keys to keeping them open. So consider these small suggestions the next time you're in the market for a designer. We guarantee that if you do just these three things, your interactions will go smoother and will be a lot less stressful.